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Customer Reviews & Stories

"Thanks a million for the great service. We sure appreciated everyone at Narvi's. It was a pleasure to deal with an A+ shop!"

- Donna & Orvis Lunke

"This place literally saved our vacation. They went out of their way to help us out and turned our luck around. Great people."

- Erik Kemps (Google Review)

"Went there for a Safety check, excellent services, they do not oversell or overcharge, Cheers!!!"

- Jorji Sam (Google Review)

"My experience was amazing... I was brought home and picked up by "Pete" thank you Pete... my car was ready when they said it would be... Darryl kept us informed on what was happening... could not be happier!!!"

- Sandy B. (Google Review)

"This company took VERY good care of my brother who ran into difficulty coming home from the West while driving his motor home. The back tires fell off his motor home close to Thunder Bay - Wayne, the owner of Narvi's Auto Service, fixed and repaired the vehicle (major repair) from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 pm and only charged my brother $40 for wheel studs. In addition to that, he put gasoline in the motor home and his wife bought my brother a whole chicken dinner with all the trimmings. They sent him on his way and he's now home safe and sound! This company (family) deserve kudos for how they treated my brother - a total stranger. We are all very grateful for their compassion and know that one good turn deserves another! Bless you guys!!!!"

- Ienjoy Singing

"Great people & shop. Wayne, Jackie, Michael, Janet & Sandy have been upbeat and very caring whenever I have had questions or they explained anything to me."

- Nicole W.

"Thanks you for the excellent, timely, professional service!"

- Mika Nivvila

"Thanks for your customer service and correspondence it is very much appreciated and I will recommend your service to anyone who asks..."

- Nikki Izsak

"Thanks a million for repairing our road repair truck."

- Terry, Emergency Vehicle Repair