Truck Alignment Maintenance, Repair & Services for Thunder Bay, ON

Narvi's Truck & Auto Service now offers precision total wheel alignment, utilizing a state-of-the-art computerized alignment system. The system applies microprocessor-based technology, along with laser accuracy, for precise alignment of heavy trucks and trailers.

Does your vehicle have any of these symptoms: irregularly worn tires or "crooked" steering wheel, pulling to one side? Pay attention to your vehicle it is trying to tell you something. It needs to be aligned.

Narvi's Truck & Auto Service truck alignment service

Not only will we align your vehicle, we will look it over first for worn or damaged suspension components such as: worn kingpins, worn or loose wheel bearings, loose tie rod ends, worn spring pins and bushings, worn tracking arm/walking beam and torque arm bushings and advise you if there is a problem.

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